Monday, December 24, 2007

where to live..

i am currently house hunting for a quaint little place all of my own but dunno whats the best place for me.I want a place thats near to my office and near a shopping mall ( this is because the house value will soar if it is near one) There is this great Condo called Pelangi Sentral near Curve which is within my budget range but have to wait till 2009 to move in.Too long to wait.. my other choice will be Pelangi 2 Damansara near OU but i cant afford it yet.have to start saving now until mid 08.the bad thing about both if this places is that the traffic is horrendous at peak hours. but i cant think of any place else to live. PJ too crowded, Bangsar too expensive, Pantai area ( panorama hill park etc ) have even bigger traffic problems, Hartamas too far haih dont like far away places cuz dont want to commute by car (office parking always full)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

World music putumayo funk soul and all that jazz

my latest fad
listening to world music especially putumayo present.. series
its really awesome. sounds you will never hear before,eclectic beats , languages you never know listening to pop haha
i especially like the south american sound all the samba and the drums with a modern touch of synthesizer. all make very good music.
while i was listening to putumayo i also come across lounge funk and soul. harmony between guitars and piano and brass wow listening it full volume at home feels like ur in a lounge club.
and all that jazz...
seriously why do people felt put off by jazz music?i think its cool and not for old people like most people think.they should really try and listen to jazz fusion and nu jazz. i dont have my fav artist yet since i only been listening to compilation albums but honestly its good
traditional old school jazz is also good.recommend al jarreau george benson and incognito
i especially like local jazz talents such as atilia noryn aziz double take (although they are phillipines) indonesia's ecoutez, japan's tokyo ska paradise, korean's classiquai

i might put my fav songs in here later