Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Season 2

After months of delays and laziness (blame it on work hahaha) i now officially announce the 2nd season of my blog

still dunno what to write...hmmm...hmm..
hence the writer's block eh

Describing my everyday life is a bore.my day is typically the same
1.in front of my pc at work (workday)
2.in front of my pc at home (offday)

Haa the life..so full of surprises and excitement.seriously i am out of breath.or is that my blood pressure hahaaha now thats exciting

but last saturday was great...pure fun and relaxation
for details check other peoples blog ya hahaha
we should that again

oh and i bought an ipod.an ipod touch i might add.
crikey its wicked..spent hours just fiddling with the screen
spent hours searching for album art in the net (which if you dont have in your ipod touch is a bummer.it aint gonna be as pretty)
spent hours converting video to ipod format just to fit it in.heck dont know why i even bother the screen is small.at least its widescreen haha
the good thing about ipod touch is..
1)it keep my hands clean.
you can see the smudges if you have dirty fingers so 5 points for making me clean up haha
2)it keeps me organize
what other thing makes you painstakingly organize all the songs with the correct artists and the correct albums and the album covers.tell you the truth it was worth it when you see it.

im gonna test the wifi next.nearest starbuck or mamak.wonder if i can YM from it haha
doubt it though only can send emails and check website
hold on..this is an mp3 player rite??it got wifi??
how cool is that. and you can even watch youtube from this thing

What i dont like about it?
well its frikkin expensive..
ear buds are crap (white are cool and what not but not with this ipod.they should made it black.and the buds are cheap looking compared to my previous ipod buds)

but other than that.no complain.hell i even dont think its that expensive (relative to what it can do)
it will be even cooler when the next one comes out
sure they gonna put everything in it.but for now i am content at owning a very very very awesome gadget