Saturday, March 8, 2008

support local music scene!!

gosh never thought i would say this haha

but i seriously recommend this song and this band

its laidback and simple.just my cup of tea

and the really soothes you

and it helps when the voice has a very cute face hahaha

check out their debut single ternyata

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Financial Management

Ever since i started working last year i have thought a lot about how to manage my money. I dont want to be boros like the last time i had a huge amount of money but the truth is that it will never go away. The more money that i realise i had the higher the tendency for me to spend it all
So what to do?
the simplest thing to do is to disperse my assets. open up several accounts so that i wouldnt spend as much when there arent that much in the bank.Setting up a buffer in my account so that i know my limit.Currently my buffer is 3K so i wouldnt withdraw if it comes to that.
I also started to get my hands into investing. started off last year with a low risk investment called fixed deposit at bank rakyat, then will go up a bit to medium risk investment in the form of unit trust. after a lot of researching and reading i will opt for a Public Mutual Fund called Public Ittikal Fund which complies with the shariah law and high long term earnings. then on to high risk investment such as stocks and bonds.
I am not looking for a get rich quick investment and all my investments so far is long term. this will keep me from spending too much haha
other than investing the most important thing to have is insurance. i recently register for a Prudential BSN Takaful Insurance which apart from the usual medical benefits, it also gives u a saving account where the money you put in will gradually grow.In 15 to 20 years i would have money i didnt realise i had hehe
My target this year is property investment. hopefully i can realise it before the middle of the year hehe

managing your finance

1. Savings - dont start investing right away if you dont have any savings. this is the basic thing to do before you try to expand your sure to control and check your balance
2. Low risk investment - start with either ASB or Bank Rakyat as they have the highest yield
3. Medium risk investment - Unit trust.this requires more investment than the low risk as there are a lot of fees to cover
4. Property investment - this is the only stuff that when you buy it, the price increases unlike a car
5. Insurance - Not a lot of people here realise the importance of insurance as you wont see the results unless you're old or sick or dead but it is dead important (excuse the pun)
6. High risk investment - when you are financially free and you have extra dough, try the stock market or bonds or hedge funds for mo money

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Get Away To Singapura Part 2

okeh sambung...

After sakinah and adi got the hotel keycards off we went to our rooms. at first thought of getting my own room so we ask how much was the price for the cheapest room. It was 360 Sing Dollars!gile pe i didnt even had that much money on me haha utk byr hotel je no way.i want to shop..
So i shared the room with adi.The room is nice befitting a five star hotel.since they can claim everything so kitorg bedal all the soft drinks and jajan in the fridge which cost 4 times as much outside hahaha best2.the toilet were posh looking with showers that comes out everywhere.the tv were wall mounted 40 " lcd tv that had star hub(equivalent to our astro but in HD) reclining relaxing chair and etc.
at 3 adi and sakinah went to their meeting and l decided to go window shopping at orchard road. Its a good thing that the front desk gave me a keycard too so i can come and go whenever i want dont have to wait for them to come back.i purposely brought a shoe yg dh berlubang so i really have a good excuse to buy a new one haha.jalan2 kt orchard road tgk kdai siut pergh sume branded store besar2 and byk xde kt msia like bottega venetta moubasssin etc2
Since i was aiming for a shoe i looked in all the stores for the shoe that i wanted. i had already got the shoe that i want in mind so only the matter of searching for it hahah
suffice to say i bought the shoe at orchard road hahahaha berlagak gila padahal bole je beli kt msia
malam sakinah and adi balik bilik and kitorg jalan2 blk kt orchard road.sakinah went shopping while me and adi g jalan2 and makan kt swensens. makan sini pun since bole claim bedal yg mahal2 hahaha took the crayfish pasta (adik pada lobster) which is okay and calamari rings shrimp something desserts the lots.
all in all it been an exciting day hahahaha

Friday, January 4, 2008

My Get Away To Singapura

One word to sum it up.. Invigorating!

Spontaneity's is what makes it so so much fun. Dah la decided on the night before going, on a plane lak tu. Haa its a good thing sakinah was going there, kalau x x pegi mana2 la aku.and i've been wanting to go somewhere for a long long time. and the funny thing is we dont really know each other that well yet hahaha.baru borak on new year,met up again on the 2nd and went to Singapore on the 3rd hahaha.I had to wake early that morning as i haven't even got a ticket yet. i thought that the earlier i get the ticket the better chance of me getting on an early flight. I wanted to get a flight with Sakinah and Adi but i know that was a slim chance.Bought the ticket at KL Sentral, as all the morning flights are fully booked, they gave me a standby ticket that can be used on either MAS or SA. The thing is i had to wait for someone to cancel their flights to board. If im unlucky xkan dpt tempat sampai petang huhu. So i patiently waited at the check in counter for any cancelled customer. Sempat borak2 dgn stewardess situ and she said that Singaporeans tend to come very late for their check ins so i have to wait till the last minute before they can confirm that there is a slot for me. aaa the waiting feels so long even tho x sampai sejam pun hahaha too excited to fly kot.sambil2 tunggu sakinah and adi dtg.they checked in and went ahead to go for breakfast as i had to stay and wait some more.
At last at 930 they called me and said my flight is at 1020 on SA!people says SA is way better and i intend to find out why hehe
It s been 3 years since i last boarded a plane and it was exciting.the feeling of going through customs , showing your passports haha and getting on the plane coolest thing up with a japanese old couple who came with their son and his wife and 2 daughters. the kids was so so cute and they had to study at the airport lounge haha
On the plane it was just like any other plane, the seat are cramped but at least each got a screen at the front although in this short flight it wouldnt be much use haha in fact it wasnt turned on at all. And the flight was so so short but for me it was nice all my worries and troubles just flown away into the clouds ahahha
Before the flight sakinah told me the name of their hotel so i could meet up with them there.Its a good thing ive been to singapore before so roughly i know where places are. sampai je kat singapore dh kuar from airport straight away i look for the MRT. The hotel that sakinah stays is called Meritus Mandarin at Orchard Road so i look up Orchard Station and off i go. Inside the airport station i found a lost american couple looking at a map that they are holding. Because i wanted to make sure that the hotel im going is really near orchard station, i wanted to look at thier map too. so i approach them and ask them if they are lost haha mcm la duk situ bole tanya2 lg. They said they wanted to go to City Bayview Hotel and are looking for the nearest station to go there. so we looked and after they settled on their station i told them i was looking for a hotel too hehe and i found out that there is a much nearer station to the hotel than Orchard station hahah tolong2 org is a good thing. we chatted and they are american expat living in thailand.Then we went our separate ways and i continue to go to sakinah's hotel. since my phone doesnt work in singapore i was worried that i wouldnt be able to find them. i thought that if i cant find them i just have to ask the front desk to contact them. kalau diorg time tu dh g meeting hbs la aku xtau nak buat apa. Tp as luck would have it, sampai je kt hotel diorg br je nk check in hahah
panjang nye aku tulis..
Sambung nanti aa hehehehe

Monday, December 24, 2007

where to live..

i am currently house hunting for a quaint little place all of my own but dunno whats the best place for me.I want a place thats near to my office and near a shopping mall ( this is because the house value will soar if it is near one) There is this great Condo called Pelangi Sentral near Curve which is within my budget range but have to wait till 2009 to move in.Too long to wait.. my other choice will be Pelangi 2 Damansara near OU but i cant afford it yet.have to start saving now until mid 08.the bad thing about both if this places is that the traffic is horrendous at peak hours. but i cant think of any place else to live. PJ too crowded, Bangsar too expensive, Pantai area ( panorama hill park etc ) have even bigger traffic problems, Hartamas too far haih dont like far away places cuz dont want to commute by car (office parking always full)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

World music putumayo funk soul and all that jazz

my latest fad
listening to world music especially putumayo present.. series
its really awesome. sounds you will never hear before,eclectic beats , languages you never know listening to pop haha
i especially like the south american sound all the samba and the drums with a modern touch of synthesizer. all make very good music.
while i was listening to putumayo i also come across lounge funk and soul. harmony between guitars and piano and brass wow listening it full volume at home feels like ur in a lounge club.
and all that jazz...
seriously why do people felt put off by jazz music?i think its cool and not for old people like most people think.they should really try and listen to jazz fusion and nu jazz. i dont have my fav artist yet since i only been listening to compilation albums but honestly its good
traditional old school jazz is also good.recommend al jarreau george benson and incognito
i especially like local jazz talents such as atilia noryn aziz double take (although they are phillipines) indonesia's ecoutez, japan's tokyo ska paradise, korean's classiquai

i might put my fav songs in here later

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Season 2

After months of delays and laziness (blame it on work hahaha) i now officially announce the 2nd season of my blog

still dunno what to write...hmmm...hmm..
hence the writer's block eh

Describing my everyday life is a day is typically the same front of my pc at work (workday) front of my pc at home (offday)

Haa the full of surprises and excitement.seriously i am out of breath.or is that my blood pressure hahaaha now thats exciting

but last saturday was great...pure fun and relaxation
for details check other peoples blog ya hahaha
we should that again

oh and i bought an ipod touch i might add.
crikey its wicked..spent hours just fiddling with the screen
spent hours searching for album art in the net (which if you dont have in your ipod touch is a aint gonna be as pretty)
spent hours converting video to ipod format just to fit it in.heck dont know why i even bother the screen is least its widescreen haha
the good thing about ipod touch is..
1)it keep my hands clean.
you can see the smudges if you have dirty fingers so 5 points for making me clean up haha
2)it keeps me organize
what other thing makes you painstakingly organize all the songs with the correct artists and the correct albums and the album covers.tell you the truth it was worth it when you see it.

im gonna test the wifi next.nearest starbuck or mamak.wonder if i can YM from it haha
doubt it though only can send emails and check website
hold on..this is an mp3 player rite??it got wifi??
how cool is that. and you can even watch youtube from this thing

What i dont like about it?
well its frikkin expensive..
ear buds are crap (white are cool and what not but not with this ipod.they should made it black.and the buds are cheap looking compared to my previous ipod buds)

but other than complain.hell i even dont think its that expensive (relative to what it can do)
it will be even cooler when the next one comes out
sure they gonna put everything in it.but for now i am content at owning a very very very awesome gadget